Volleyball Secondary
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HZSA Open Volleyball

Open boys and girls competitions will take place in Semester Two, starting Monday 5th August 2024.
Fixtures will take place on Monday afternoons at 4pm and 4.45pm at school venues and will be loaded on this page once school entries are received.

HZSA Volleyball Scoresheet

Volleyball Rules (Updated 2023)

Risk Management Volleyball

Representative Volleyball 2024

15s Volleyball

Students from member schools can trial for 15s CIS teams. Nomination dates are noted below and nominations must be completed by sports coordinators and submitted directly to CIS.

CIS U15 Boys & Girls Volleyball nominations are due Friday 15th March, 2024.
CIS U15 Boys & Girls Volleyball trials will be held on Friday 2nd March, 2024.

Open Volleyball

CIS Open Girls Volleyball nominations due Thursday 4th April, 2024
CIS Open Girls Volleyball Trial - Friday 11th April, 2024
CIS Open Boys Volleyball nominations due Friday 12th April, 2024
CIS Open Boys Volleyball Trial - Friday 3rd May, 2024