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HZSA Representative Rugby

In 2020, a trial day will be held to select players to attend AICES Rugby Trials. Selectors will not necessarily select complete teams / squads, but will choose players who are strong enough to attend and participate at AICES level.  Players will run through skills sessions and games run by NSW Rugby.

Trial Date: Wednesday 1st April

Venue: Arndell Anglican College

Nominations are due by Friday 6 March and must be submitted by sports coordinators. 

Risk Management HZSA Rugby


Date: Wednesday 13May

Venue: T G Millner Fields, Marsfield

Parents of players selected in 16s and 18s HZSA Squads need to complete the registration below within 24 hours of selection. In addition the AICES Player Profile Form MUST be completed and taken with them to AICES trials.

HZSA 16s Rugby Registration 

HZSA 18s Rugby Registration 

AICES Player Profile Form