Futsal Secondary
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Girls Futsal competitions take place in Semester One, starting week beginning February 26th, 2024.

Day & Time:  TuesdaysJuniors at 4.00pm, Seniors at 4.45pm

Junior Divison A and Senior Girls will play a 3 week final series in Rounds 8-10. Please note that tables for these series can be accessed below. First and second place at the end of the three weeks will contest the final.

Girls Junior Division A Final Series Points 2024

Girls Senior Final Series Points 2024

Boys Futsal competitions take place in Semester Two, starting week beginning August 5th, 2024.

Day & Time: Tuesday - Juniors at 4.00pm, Monday - Seniors at 4pm.   Note that 4.45pm fixtures may also be played if additional timeslots are required in both age groups.

Venue:  The Centre, Dural (additional school venues may be used if required).
Points: Win - 3 pointsDraw - 2 pointsLoss - 1 point, Forfeit - 0 points with a 3 – 0 loss against forfeiting team
Forfeits: HZSA, the opposition, and the venue must all be notified in the case of a forfeit.

Please note that players MUST sign on at the court before the start of the game each week. Scoresheets will be provided at The Centre Dural. The home team or first named team should provide the scoresheet for matches being played at school venues.

Boys Futsal Scoresheet

HZSA Futsal Rules 

HZSA Risk Management Futsal