Football Secondary
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Boys Football competitions take place in Semester One, starting week beginning February 17, 2020.

Days: Senior – Monday, Intermediate – Wednesday, Junior – Thursday

Girls Football competitions take place in Semester Two, starting week beginning August 3, 2020.

Days: Junior – Monday, Senior – Thursday

Time:  Kick-off time for all matches 4.00pm

Win  = 3 points      Draw  = 2 points      Loss  = 1 point      Forfeit = 0 points

Forfeit will record a 3-0 loss against forfeiting team. A minimum of seven (7) players must be present to start a game.

Schools need to ensure that their scoresheet is completed properly and submitted to HZSA by the end of the week of the match.

Boys Football Scoresheet

HZSA Football Rules

HZSA Football Risk Management 

Football NSW Risk Management

HZSA Representative Football

16s Boys, 15s Girls and Open Girls & Boys Trials will be held on Tuesday 17 March at Hills Grammar.

Nominations must be submitted by sports coordinators and are due Friday 28 February.

After selection trials parents / carers of selected students will be required to complete registration by clicking on the link below and completing all necessary information within 24 hours to confirm selection.

AICES 15 Girls and 16 Boys Football

Date: Wednesday 6 May, 2020 at Valentine Park

HZSA 16 Boys Football Registration 2020

HZSA 15 Girls Football Registration 2020

AICES Open Football

Date: Thursday 14 May, 2020 at Valentine Park

HZSA Open Girls Football Registration 2020

HZSA Open Boys Football Registration 2020