Cricket Secondary
By Round

Boys Cricket

Weekly competitions for boys cricket will take place in a T20 / Supers 8s format and will take place in Term 4 2022.

Juniors (Years 7 & 8) will play on a Thursday afternoon.
Seniors (Years 9-11) will play on a Tuesday afternoon.

Boys Representative Cricket Trials

No AICES Selections took place in 2022 due to COVID. Therefore the following is in place for 2022. School sports coordinators need to complete nominations by the due dates.

AICES Open Boys Cricket Nominations - Friday 4th February.  A paper selection will take place and a selected number of students will then be invited to be nominated and trial for CIS Open Boys Cricket.

CIS Open Boys Cricket Nominations - Monday 21st February

CIS Open Boys Cricket Trials
Trial 1 - Monday 28th February
Trial 2 - Tuesday 1st March

CIS Open Boys Cricket Trial One Information 2022

Girls Cricket

A HZSA Open Girls Cricket Gala Day will be held for girls on Tuesday 25th October 2022.
Entries are due Thursday 22nd September.
The format of the day and venue are yet to be determined.

Girls Representative Cricket Trials

Girls should be nominated directly to CIS for Opens Cricket. 
Nominations are due Friday 11th February and CIS trials will be held on Friday 18th February.
Sports coordinators need to nominate directly to CIS.

CIS Open Girls Cricket Trial Information 2022