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HZSA Secondary Swimming will be held on Thursday 10th March 2022, at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre.

Please note that the carnival will not start until 1pm and run until approximately 6pm. Primary events will take place in the morning session.

HZSA Secondary Swimming Results 2022

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School Scores - Boys, Girls and Overall

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Swimmer of the Meet Boys and Girls

Swimmer of the Meet Overall

Please note that times are being accepted for those swimmers who were affected by floods or by public health order COVID isolation.
Therefore the top 3 places will not automaticall qualify for AICES.
Schools will be informed of the HZSA Team for AICES early next week.

All details below will be updated according to COVID requirements at the time.

COVID Requirements 2021
SOPAC and HZSA requirements for entry are noted below with guidelines for all patrons entering the carnival. Please ensure these are read and followed for everyone attending the event. It is recommended that parents and spectators do not attend this event. Those who do attend must abide by both HZSA and SOPAC COVID requirements. A seating plan is noted below and any spectators must remain in stand on the entry side of the pool at all times and are not permitted to enter school seating areas.

HZSA Swimming COVID Information and Conditions of Entry


HZSA Secondary Swimming Seating Plan

SOPAC Conditions of Entry


Please note that entry to the carnival is through a different area than previous years as per map below. In addition there will be no canteen facilities availabile on the day due to COVID restrictions. All attendees should bring food and drink for the day.

SOPAC Entry Map

HZSA Swimming Risk Management

SOPAC Risk Management

AICES Swimming is scheduled to take place on Monday 28th March, 2022 at Sydney Olympic Park.  Students who wish to swim additional events at CIS, that are not on the HZSA or AICES program, should see their sports coordinator. Schools need to submit these nominations to AICES by Monday 21st March 2022.

AICES Swimming Program 2022

Team Lists as at 4.40pm March 23rd.

HZSA Team by School and Name

HZSA Team by Event

CIS Secondary Swimming – Monday 2nd May (night session) & Tuesday 3rd May (day session) at Sydney Olympic Park.

Students who wish to swim additional events at All Schools, should see their sports coordinator. 

Programs for AICES and CIS Carnivals can be found on their relevant website pages.