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Football competitions take place in the winter season for junior, intermediate and senior boys. In 2016/2017 summer season an open girls competition has been added to the program.

Boys Football
Winter 2017 competitions start week beginning 8th May.


  • Senior Boys (Year 10/11/12) – Monday
  • Intermediate Boys (Year 8/9) – Wednesday
  • Junior Boys (Year 7) – Thursday

Kick-off time 4.00pm (forfeit time 4.10) 25 minute halves (5 minute half time)

2017 competitions will be held at the new venue of Valentine Park. There are some weeks when fields are unavailable and alternate school venues will be used at these times.

Winter Draws

Junior Fixtures & Standings Intermediate Fixtures & Standings Senior Fixtures & Standings

Girls Football

Summer 2016/2017 competition starts Thursday 27th October.

Games will resume February 9th 2017 after the summer break.

All games will be played at home and away venues as per draw. Home teams will be responsible for providing the referee for matches.

Fixtures & Standings Round 2 Girls Football Points Table

Win  = 3 points
      Draw  = 2 points      Loss  = 1 point

Forfeit   = 0 points with a 3-0 loss recorded for forfeiting team. A minimum of seven (7) players must be present to start a game.

Football Trials 2017

Open Boys and Girls Trials – Wednesday 5th April – 4pm, Boys at Hills Grammar, Girls at Northholm Grammar School

15s Boys – Tuesday 30th May – 4pm at Hills Grammar

15s Girls – Wednesday 31st May – 4pm at Rouse Hill Anglican College

AICES Open Football

Date: Monday 8th May, 2017 at Valentine Park

HZSA Open Boys Football Registration HZSA Open Girls Football Registration

AICES 15s Football

Date: Wednesday 21st June, 2017 at Valentine Park

HZSA 15 Boys Football Registration HZSA 15 Girls Football Registration