Softball Secondary
By Round

HZSA Representative Softball

The Open Girls HZSA Softball trial will be held on Thursday 15 October, 2020, 4pm at William Clarke College.

Individual nominations are due by Wednesday 23 September and must be submitted by sports coordinators.

Girls selected into the 2020 HZSA team need to confirm their selection with a parent / carer completing the registration within 24 hours of selection.

HZSA Softball Registration 2020

AICES Softball

Date: Thursday 5 November, 2020

Venue: Blacktown Sportspark. Students need to make their own way to and from the venue

Time: 10am – 3pm. The draw will be available on the AICES website

CIS Softball 2020

Students who were selected into the AICES 2019 Team are required to attend training on Friday 13 February at Blacktown Sportspark.

Please note that only players 17 Yrs & under on 30/6/19 may be eligible for CIS selection.