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Girls Cricket

A girls cricket gala day will be held on Wednesday 15th November 2017 at Hills Centenary Park, Kellyville. This will be a ‘come and try’ day for Years 7-9 girls where they will be taught new skills and experience 7 aside games.

Entries are due Friday 27th October and schools may enter a maximum of 3 teams.

Further details will be distributed to schools.

Boys Cricket

Date:  Term 4 2016 & Term 1 2017 –  starting Tuesday 25th October
Time:  Tuesdays from 4.00pm – 6.00pm

Venue:  Venues have been allocated as per draw

Competition Format: 7 rounds plus semis finals and finals. 5th – 8th play off games have remined to all all teams 9 games.

Please note after 7/2/17, any washed out rounds may be added before semis and finals are played.

Win: 3 points      Draw: 2 points      Loss: 1 point     Forfeit: 0 points

Forfeits and late starts: 
Schools who are aware in advance of the need to forfeit must directly notify the sports coordinator & coach of the opposition team by no later than 1.00pm on game day. HZSA Administrator also needs to be informed.

Both teams should be ready to commence the game by 4.10pm. A later start will require less than the 20 overs per side to be bowled.

Junior Fixtures & Standings